5 points to remember before purchasing a society management software

By now, we are aware that management of a housing society is not a child’s play especially in the modern days when a housing society may feature even more than 100 flats. Housing society management softwares are the boon of the hour indeed. However, let’s admit that even the number of such softwares are not very less in the market. Therefore it calls in for the parameters on which to can judge which software to settle in for finally. So let’s have a look at the five questions that you can check out while looking for a society management software.

How easy to get on-board?
It’s one of the most vital question. Ease of operation is of utmost importance for such softwares as most of the time a person handling them cannot be a tech-master. Easy instructive interface with suitable, convenient help texts and links are absolutely an important criteria in choosing a society management software.

How far the software free you from manual tasks?
It may sound like an absurd question as you are opting for a software indeed to get over with the manual chores but wait hold on. You still need to do some work that requires human intelligence, isn’t it? So u need to check how many times you need to do that. Does your one entry update the application in all possible points? The software should not ask you do to same task twice in any form.

Are the accounting module complaint with the latest taxing system?
One of the major benefit of using a society management software is the ease with accounting and auditing system. However, keep a keen eye that the software you are choosing should be updated with the latest taxing system of the country. For example, India has presently shifted to the GST system, therefore the software should be compliant with GST.

How does it help with your complaint/issue management?
You may be wondering why of all things, I am at all concerned about complaints. Well, because that’s one of the prime service for any management formed for any purpose. When there is any involvement of huge members, there ought to be complaints. And in case of housing society management committee complaint and redressal forms one of the major pillar of the formation of management committee. Therefore your housing society software should be efficient enough to help you structure, organize and run your complaint and redressal system smoothly and effortlessly.

Are your database secured with your housing society management software?
Data security is of utmost importance in today’s cyber world. Keeping your members’ information safe and secured should be taken with high priority. Question the software provider about how they are ensuring data safety for you.

An informed decision is always a best decision. Therefore look into being informed about the product first before finalizing. Ask for free demonstration, question and get satisfied before you trust.

Hope this article will help you out finding a suitable society management software for you. We will be back with some other discussion other time. Keep checking this space and bye till then.

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