How CHSONE Can Help Maintaining Accounts of Your Housing Society

Accounting is an important section for any management that involves monetary component. Money management is nothing less scary as it sounds like. It involves huge liability and responsibility. When it comes to the accounting of a housing society, it also includes the transparency of data which again is directly linked to the peace and harmony of the cooperative living system.

However, with CHSONE, managing accounts is no more a task to dare. Only a mindful entry of few nominal data will take care of your entire accounting system. So let’s have a look, how CHSONE helps managing accounts in your society.

CHSONE features two separate modules for Income and Expenses such that they are easier to maintain as it is from these two segments that main Account module stems forward. User needs to operate manually in these two sections mainly and therefore we have tried to make it as easy and novice-friendly as possible.

  1. Income module: This section records data related to the income of the society like maintenance dues, incidental bills, non-members bills and also keep track of received money and advance amounts lying with the society.
  2. Expense module: This section records data related to the expenses of the society whether billed, unbilled, already done or proposed.
  3. Accounts: This is the core accounting section of the software which requires expert handling and this is where accountants and auditor are going to play their part. Details of accounts groups, ledger, balance sheet, taxation, and reports are get formulated and recorded in this section.

We will try to give more glimpses of our accounting module in our upcoming posts. You may also get into the crux of it right now by requesting a free demo with us.


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