Facility Management and Maintenance in housing societies

Facility Management – A term that has a huge periphery, but we will constrict ourselves here within the boundary of housing societies and how much it provides scopes to housing society management.

So, what are facilities for a housing society?
Any service that facilitates living within the housing society, rather comfortably, but not owned by the residents and can be availed only temporarily; some of the times, with a charge. Here are some examples of the facilities that are present in the housing societies, however not mandatorily.

  • Lift
  • Water pump
  • Solar heater
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Open area
  • Joggers track
  • Playgrounds
  • Community hall
  • Amphitheatre and the list can be endless.

The next obvious question comes then, who owns the facilities and responsible for their maintenance?
Well, the facilities are owned by the housing society committee, or in another way, it can be said that the facilities are shared the property of all the owners of the units within the society. And the housing society committee, run by the members elected among and by the members of the society, is responsible for the maintenance and management of the facilities. Generally, the charges for the facility management are included in the monthly maintenance bills and is divided among all the units equally. Also, some facilities say like personal usage of community hall (for ceremonies and parties) can be chargeable and to be paid by the particular member. In some places, even usage of the gymnasium and swimming pool can come with a subscription charge.

Therefore, if we have to define ‘Facility management’ for a housing society, it can be said, maintaining the usability condition of the facilities, managing the usage timing of the facilities and to take care of any dispute arising with regards to the facilities is what is called facility management.

So what is the scope of management that the facilities offer in a housing society?
Let’s make collate them in bullet points.

  • Regular health-check of all the facilities.
  • Troubleshooting any emergency breakdown at the earliest.
  • Maintenance and cleaning.
  • Keeping a record of subscriptions in case of subscription-based facilities.
  • Keep a look to ensure there is no unauthorized usage or misuse.
  • Keep records of the engagement of the community hall and other such rentable facilities in accordance with date and time.
  • Allocating a budget for the maintenance tasks.
  • Choosing a vendor and keeping a tab of the task, finally vendor payment.
  • Managing vendor incase any outside service is used like Swimming and Gym trainers.
  • Collecting payment for the facilities.
  • Updating income book and safekeeping of bills.

Huhh…that’s quite a task! Well, there are ways you can manage them easily and get it streamlined.

Technological aid! That’s right. A good housing society management software can help you streamline the facility management tasks to a great deal. CHSONE is a full-fledged housing society management software that can streamline the facility management process much to your relief.  Let’s have a look, how?

Get informed about any damage, ill-maintenance, etc. at the earliest by the usage of the helpdesk facility. Members can directly raise a concern and society admin will get notified. The system will auto-assign the task to the committee member pre-assigned for the nature of the job for the earliest redressal.
CHSONE stores the data of the vendors and allows releasing tender for a task right from the system. Receive the quotes from the vendors all in the same place, i.e the software, compare and easily select a vendor for the task.
The system allows preparing work orders, printing and even sending online for the vendor to start working.
The progress of the work can be stored right into the software and tracked.
Vendor payment due can be tracked in the software. CHSONE also provide vendor aging report.
The expense for the maintenance and management can be scheduled and the budget can be assigned in the software itself.
In case of any ad hoc charges, the software helps to auto-distribute the amount equally among all members in the next billing cycle, without any hassle.
CHSONE allows you to collect bill payments from the members online. Apart from regular payment collection procedures like the integration of payment gateways, CHSONE offers a unique feature called ‘e-collection’.

CHSONE auto-updates the books of accounts with every entry of income and expenses.

So we have tried to give a fair idea of how CHSONE attempts to streamline and automate every process of facility management. If you still have any doubt or want to know more about CHSONE software and how it simplifies your society management tasks, you can put your comments/queries below or you can always call for a demonstration at your convenient place and time, and that too absolutely free of cost. Click here to request your free demo.

CHSONE is a housing society management software that offers a 360-degree solution to the management needs of your society. The software is scalable to meet the requirement of societies of any size. Few of its features are:
1. Bill Automation
2. Income, Expense, Asset Tracker
3. Bookkeeping and balance sheet management
4. Books of Accounts Audit (On-Demand)
5. Direct and Indirect Tax Return Filing
6. Web Application for Members & Management
7. Mobile App for Members & Management
8. Helpdesk for Members
9. Vendor management
10. Parking Management and Vehicle Tracking
and many more.

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