Why investing in society management software economical for housing societies?

I often come across questions like, “Our society is really small, will be able to make a budget for management software?” or “Being a small society, will it actually help us anyway in a budget?”. So I thought of jotting down if investing in housing society management software is actually prudent for the societies.

Let’s check out:

  1. Reduction in manpower: The basis of housing society management software are automating the operations and processes. When processes are automated they reduce the manual labor considerably after initiation. The reduction in manpower is a major step towards cost-cutting as when a man is employed, it is not only wages that need to be shelled out but also basic administration cost like electricity.
  2. Curbing agency service cost: By opting for your own management software, you are curbing the services of the agencies which can cost you way more than the subscription for the software, as agencies have their own infrastructure costs that need to be supported along with the same software cost that you will be paying. So instead of paying for agency service plus software, you need to pay for only software if you are opting to own the software. The brownie point is it also ensure privacy and data security.
  3. Reduction in stationery cost: Management software not only automates the processes but also digitalize the entire operation. From data storage to documentation, everything can be done into the application and stored and even shared and there are absolutely zero requirements of physical stationery. Though stationery sounds a petty thing, it actually cuts a heavy portion of the monthly budget. Also, physical storage requires space and place which can be minimalized.
  4. Reducing courier charges: Courier charges is another petty sounding heavy dime cutting sector. Housing societies often need to send several documents via courier, be it vendor bill, payment receipt to non-residing owners, etc. The management software allows to send the digital copy and also for the residents they can easily receive all the details from there on login in the member portal.

As we have seen, by paying a reasonable subscription amount for the software, you can actually cut major recurring costs from your society budget. Therefore, if you are nourishing any thoughts of getting into society management software, take a step now and invest in good society management software to take care of your need. If you are wondering how to evaluate the software before investing, this article can give you some insight.



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