History of Cooperative Housing in India

Cooperative Housing now no more just a decent means of providing affordable shelter. But it has come a long way to be one of the basics of urban development model. In this post, I will try to recapitulate, chronologically, the history of cooperative housing as it took birth and shape in Indian soil.   History… Continue Reading →

Parking Management in Housing Societies

Managing parking space forms a major part of housing society management. With the modern urban cooperative living format where thousands of people, unrelated by blood or even culture, are co-living, there can be no dearth of reason to spur unrest. Parking is a major one. Therefore, to maintain a peaceful co-living, society admins need to… Continue Reading →

Vendor Management Simplified!

If you are a housing society administrator, you will agree with me that choosing and managing vendors is one of the crucial and headaching tasks. Out of everything, the main irritating thing is when you finally chose one from many after lots of considerations and scrutiny, someone from the members will always be there to… Continue Reading →

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