History of Cooperative Housing in India

Cooperative Housing now no more just a decent means of providing affordable shelter. But it has come a long way to be one of the basics of urban development model. In this post, I will try to recapitulate, chronologically, the history of cooperative housing as it took birth and shape in Indian soil.   History… Continue Reading →

Parking Management in Housing Societies

Managing parking space forms a major part of housing society management. With the modern urban cooperative living format where thousands of people, unrelated by blood or even culture, are co-living, there can be no dearth of reason to spur unrest. Parking is a major one. Therefore, to maintain a peaceful co-living, society admins need to… Continue Reading →

CHSONE and Accountants!

Does the title sound a little odd? Well, actually in this post, I would attempt to clarify some of the queries that we often face with regards to how CHSONE can be useful for Accountants or how an accountant appointed by society can work on the application?   An accountant generally works on Tally, so… Continue Reading →

Energy Conservation Tips for Housing Societies

Energy Conservation, a very popular terminology these days and an even more important issue to deal with. So, what is Energy Conservation? In simple language, energy conservation sums to the prevention of wasteful usage of energy thereby ensuring its continuous availability. And, why is it important to conserve energy? We know that energy cannot be… Continue Reading →

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