Role Of Housing Societies In Prevention Of Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity! The most imminent doom that is gradually befalling over mankind. Chennai is already declared ‘dried up’, and if we aren’t conscious enough even now, the whole country will be ‘dry’ within the coming few years. As per Anupam Mishra, the Gandhian environmentalist, India possess enough water for everyone in the country. Then how the situation changed so soon, so drastic. Well, we all know the answer perhaps. Urbanization. Deforestation. Wastage. They are among some of the eminent causes. 


But the idea of this article is not to inform and discuss the problem. But to try and find and implement, how we can salvage the situation. We have a guide right here, in our very own Dombivli. Mr. Ajit Gokhale has done extensive study and research on the causes of depletion of water level and found out ways how urban housing societies can approach the water problem and save their cities from going ‘dry’.


As per Gokhale, the three proven methods of water harvesting are:

  • Rainwater Harvesting: In this method, rainwater is collected and either stored in an artificial tank for use or allowed to seep into the ground to increase the groundwater table. Sunshine Raheja Vihar Society in Powai has adopted the method and it is providing them with three months of their water requirements.


  • Grey Water Recycling: In this method, bath water is collected and biofiltered to remove debris and soap and pump back to be used in the flush tanks. Gyan Ghar, a seven-storeyed building in Khar has been using this technique to meet their water needs.


  • Ground Water Recharging: This process allows rainwater to enter the ground via partially closed gutters to increase the underground water table. Due to urbanization, the maximum of the ground in the city is covered under the concrete which prevents the natural process of seepage. Therefore, aid is required to allow seepage into the ground. St. Catherines Home in Andheri is following the method and ripping dual benefits of meeting water requirements and also preventing flood in the area.


If you are interested in saving your society and hence the country from the water crisis, you may approach civic corporation’s rainwater harvesting cell located at E Moses Road in Worli, Mumbai for meticulous guidance. 


CHSONE is urging every housing society to act responsibly in the situation and take steps to contribute their bit towards the prevention of imminent water crisis. For all other society related tasks, you can rely on CHSONE housing society management solutions. You request a free demo by visiting and click the green button at the right of the screen.

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