Key Features

Society Office

Automated Invoicing

Generate invoice in one click or allow CHSONE software to handle invoice generation automatically for you. Send digital invoice and alert via SMS.

Easy Society Management

Manage the individually allotted units like apartments, offices, shops, parking spaces and commercial spaces centrally from the comfort of your computer and mobile.

Effortless Communication

Now communicate easily and effortlessly with your society members. Publish your notifications via email or sms and the housing society members will receive them instantly in their app.

Standard Accounting Package

In-built sophisticated housing society accounting module in-line with popular accounting software like Tally or Quickbooks helps maintaining general ledger, Income, Expense , Profit and Loss statement (P&L), Balance sheet and generate reports for audit and taxation.

Hassle-free Collection

Collecting maintenance amounts and other payables were never easier before. Online payment gateway helps collection and tracking of society maintenance bills against each unit/member. Send payment reminders to members for payment dues

Expense Tracker

Keeping track of the expenses is one of the major responsibilities for the housing society managers. Now keep the headache aside and track and stay abreast of the inventory and expenses with CHSONE society management software.

Manage vendors and vendor bills

Managing vendors and vendor bills are no more a task. Release tenders, receive quotes, select vendor, track vendor bills and payments all in one platform and in few clicks.


Receive Bill and Payment Alerts

Get payment reminders before the due date of your housing society bills and save money on late payment charges. Receive payment confirmation receipt for all modes of payment.

Get Notices and Communications Online

Never miss any notice from your housing society office now onwards. View notification and communications online in your society portal.

Store Your Property Documents Online

Never lose any property documents anymore. Store the soft-copies or scanned version of your important property documents in your society portal. The documents will be accessible only by you.

Pay Your Bills Online

Receive and pay society maintenance bills online. No more missed payments and hassles of cheques and cash.

Go Social

Connect to your neighbors, track what's happening in society, discuss society issues within your private community.

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