Automated Billing System For Housing Societies & Its Advantages

Automated billing system for housing societies & its advantages

What is Automated Billing System?

An automated billing system is a software-based billing system where all the steps and processes are aligned and streamlined in such a way that the system runs seamless and smooth with minimal human labor.

Can Automated Billing be applied in Housing societies?

Yes, of course. A good housing society management software comes equipped with billing module that eases out the task of generating invoices and tracking collections of hundreds and hundreds of units in society and transform the mammoth task into mere few clicks job.

What are the important steps of billing in a housing society?

  1. Invoice Generation
  2. Invoice Distribution
  3. Tracking Collection
  4. Updating the books of Account

What are the advantages of automated billing over manual billing for a housing society?

Residential units in housing societies range from a few tens to a few hundreds and even thousands nowadays (think about the large condominiums). Therefore consider the hugeness of the task that involves billing for such a large number of units and mostly in a very short period of time.

Manual billing for such huge numbers is not only tiring but it also increases errors ranging from silly to sometimes huge (erroneous number input, forgetting to add particulars). To reduce the load, society offices need to hire sufficient manual labor to conduct the task successfully. Again, hiring manual labor comes with its own cost and also involve admin costs like electricity, tea/coffee, etc. So here comes the automated billing system for rescue.

With an automated billing system, this mammoth tasks gets converted to merely one person task and for few hours only. So let’s check out the advantages of automated billing over manual billing for a housing society.

  1. Saves Time and Energy- Creating invoices with proper particulars and figures for hundreds and hundreds of units costs huge time and energy if attempted to be done with manual labor. With automated billing, generating invoices, may that for hundreds or thousands of units, it can be done in far lesser time and in few simple clicks.
  2. Saves toil of distribution- Distribution of the invoices manually door to door, again no need of explanation is a tedious job. With automated billing, invoices are generated and sent directly to the residents’ mail. Not only that it also helps in sending a reminder in cases of non-payments time to time.
  3. Reduces chances of errors- Automated billing enables setting predefined rules and regulation, charges and particulars which gets reflected in the invoices automatically as per conditions. This went on to large help in terms of minimizing errors.
  4. Helps in tracking collection- Again once the bills are distributed, tracking collections is not an easy task for hundreds of units. However, with an automated billing system, you can give your residents the option of online payment reducing the number of manual payments via cash and cheque, which again reduces the manual load. Also whatever the mode of payment it is, these systems track and record everything in one single place for prompt reference any time. Going a step further, a reliable society management software also goes on to update the book of account with every record of entry thereby keeping it updated hassle-free for yearly audit.
  5. Environment-friendly- Last but not least, by reducing or eliminating altogether the usage of paper, it helps to contribute in environment conservation.

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