How CHSONE ensure a near-flawless issue management in your society!

Issue Management is one of the major responsibilities for the housing society administrators. And evidently it is not a cake-walk to handle. First of all, registering all the issue influxes properly and finally acting upon them in sequential order and as per priority. Though it is writable in few words, evidently in reality the case isn’t so.

However, with CHSONE you can rest assured that the issue management system in your society is gonna be near flawless. CHSONE is a housing society management software that takes care of all the aspects of housing society management with ultimate possible perfection and smoothness such that you can rest assured.

Let’s have a look at some the features of the issue management module or as we call help desk module of CHSONE.

Help Topics: Help Topics are nothing but broadheads that helps society offices to segregate the complaints raised in accordance to their nature, type and priority, for example Electricity, Maintenance, are help topics. While it is convenient for the administration in managing various forms of complaints coming in, sometimes at same point of time, for members too they serve as help point in registering their complaint under proper head such that it receives its due attention in due time.

Auto-Assign: CHSONE allows the administration to automatically assign one office-bearer or staff for all the complaints raised under a particular help topic. This helps in two ways, firstly the delegation of the tasks are more organized and secondly, best person for the nature of the task can be made responsible to carry out the task.

Escalations: CHSONE has the feature of auto-escalating a complaint in case it has not been given attention and responded for set amount of time. This ensure that in no circumstances a single complaint raised into the application has a chance of going unnoticed and non-responded.

Job Card: Job Cards are printable cards that bears the details of task to be done as per complaint, person assigned for execution of the task and the end service provider i.e. electrician or plumber. However, the most important part is the place to bear signature of the owner of the unit. This acts as acknowledgement from the owner of the unit, in many cases it is the same person as the complaint raiser, that the complaint has been acted upon and served. This ensure there is no future collision on the issue of whether the job has been attended or not.

These are only few of the many excellent features that CHSONE offers to its subscribing societies. Know more about CHSONE housing society management software, subscribe and ease out your society management task like never before.

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