Energy Conservation Tips for Housing Societies

Energy Conservation, a very popular terminology these days and an even more important issue to deal with.

So, what is Energy Conservation?

In simple language, energy conservation sums to the prevention of wasteful usage of energy thereby ensuring its continuous availability.

And, why is it important to conserve energy?

We know that energy cannot be produced or manufactured, it can only be transformed from one source to another. Modern life is heavily dependent on electricity. And we get electrical energy by utilizing other energy sources like potential energy stored in water at height, natural resources like petroleum, coal, natural gas, and also solar energy.

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Now if our daily usage of electricity get increased to magnanimous level, to ensure supply, utilization of natural and non-renewable resources like petroleum, coal and natural gas will also increase hence resulting in their depletion much earlier than estimated. Also to produce hydroelectric power, there will be need of added energy in kinetic form that get depleted in form of polluted gas. Therefore, we need to conserve energy to ensure that we are not wasting our natural resources unnecessarily and also not adding to environmental hazard.

Now, comes the real question, how to conserve energy?

We know that housing societies with hundreds of residential units and modern facilities are one of the major consumer of electricity in modern world. So, here will we have a look at some of the tips to ensure energy conservation at the unit level.

5 energy conservation tips for residential units in a housing society:

  1. Small changes in lifestyle: Making a small changes in your lifestyle can contribute to major reduction of energy usage at large. For example, soak your laundry in bucket before putting into the washing machine. Also you may hang your clothes to dry in air instead of using soak and dry option respectively. Again, you may put a bucket of water in balcony to get it comfortably warm for bathing instead of using geyser everytime. Warming your food is gas over, or eating freshly cooked food over stove instead of using microwave on regular basis.
  2. Replacing lighting system: Energy efficient bulbs and lights are now all over the market. Make a budget and change to the energy efficient lighting system for your house. The considerable reduction in electricity bills in coming months will surely makeup for your expense for changing.
  3. Energy-efficient appliances: Again, these days appliances are made with energy-efficiency systems. These costs a little high at the time of purchase than the normal ones but again the electricity bill gets cut down to much your ease.
  4. Proper Insulation of home: If you are opting for AC or room heater for your home, make sure that you are insulating your room well while using them as air leakage leads to falling or raising of temperature repeatedly making the appliance work again and again consuming more and more energy.
  5. Use of Solar panel: Solar panel can be installed either individually by the residential units or by society as a whole. In any way, it helps in cutting down energy sourced from electricity by transforming sunlight into electrical power.

I hope these tips will help us contributing to energy conservation in our own little way. Also it’s a duty for society management as a whole to make the residents aware of the same and devise out their own ways as a collective body to help the world in energy conservation.


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