Solar Energy and Maharashtra Govt. Subsidy

Hello! We have already done a post earlier by how you can make your housing society an exemplary one and one of the many points was to resort to solar energy.

Now housing societies resorting to solar power got easier for Maharashtra as Government announced a subsidy scheme for solar energy. This scheme is a part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission of 2010 that aimed to promote electricity generation using solar power. This program is administered by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA).

According to the rule, the Government will bear 30% of the project cost of installation of rooftop grid-connected solar plants or 30% of the benchmark cost, whichever is lower. Another important rule is according to the latest circular, the project of installation to be commenced with 15 months from the date of sanction. Maharashtra solar policy 2017 says that the solar subsidy amount will be released as per the availability of funds to the project developer/project holder by MEDA after the project commissioning certificate is issued by MSEDCL and submission of the certificate in respect of transmission of electricity from MSEDCL /MSETCL. In short, one can expect to receive a subsidy between 1 and 1.5 years from the start of the project.

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Housing societies going energy efficient by turning to solar power will not only aid the government in energy conservation as with ever-increasing population requirement of energy in Maharashtra and especially in the big cities of Mumbai and Pune leaping high every year, but also can cut down their electricity expense sufficiently.

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Recently news of January’ 18 informed us how residents of Twin Star Cooperative Housing Society in Kurla have managed to cut down their electricity cost by 83% resorting to solar energy. The society with 56 flats had installed 20-kilowatt rooftop solar power generation system with 60 panels that generate 76 kWh electricity per day for the society. (Source: Hindustan Times)

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  2. Government of India has initiated solar energy subsidy schemes to help individuals and organizations procure solar energy systems at reduced capital costs. These solar subsidy schemes are a part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National …

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