Why To Invest in a Society Management Software?

CHSONE wishes you all a very Happy New Year 2019!

And at the beginning of the year, let’s try to address a very common question that is also indeed a vital one. That is “Why should I invest in a Society management software?”

Read what are at least 5 benefits in investing in a society management software:

  1. Decreases manual load- A very very obvious reason why we opt for a software is to reduce manual load. By now we have discussed enough how management of a society is a mammoth task and mostly it is volunteered by society members and is unpaid (sometimes even thankless). By introducing a software, you can actually automate various individual segments like vendor management, issue management, facility management and most importantly billing and collection and also streamline everything for a smooth workflow and in one single platform.
  2. Reduces human intervention- Automating management processes ensures that there is a substantial reduction in human intervention. So why do we need to reduce human intervention? Because human interventions also call in for human errors which are most of the times silly but go on to reflect in a major way later on. The software reduces such chances to almost NIL. Secondly, human resource costs higher (salary or fees for firms monthly) than investing and maintaining software of your own.
  3. Maintains privacy for your data- When you cut any chances of foreign access to your society information and data, not only you are securing them from any untoward compromisation but also maintaining the privacy of your society members. Maintaining your own software ensures your society data not being handed over to outsiders like management firms which again gets things done by people whom you don’t even know.
  4. Convenience of your society members- Society Management software provides individual secured logins for each and every unitholders and even individual residents using which members can avail a number of conveniences like online receiving bills and notices, online payment, online issue raising, facility booking and many more. And it is needless to say if members are happy that ensures peace in the society.

Private social networking platform- A good society management software go a long way in increasing harmony among members as well. Many management software do double up as a social networking platform exclusive to the society where members can get to know each other, interact, share pics, plan event, conduct poll and many more. How is it to live with your friends in the same society? It’s like befriending your neighbor.


We will be back with another topic, answer to another question, till then stay tight to the space!


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