Maintaining Security in Your Society

An important aspect of management of a housing society is the maintaining security aspects. And with growing crime and criminal techniques, security is an issue that can no longer to handled lightly. In this post we will talk of some of the ways, housing societies can opt for to firewall their society.

Security cameras:

Security cameras are very very important these days. By installing cameras at different strategic locations within the society, one can keep a better check on the happenings within the compound and also in the vicinity of the compound. With an aware glance on the screen, one can actually avert a lot of untoward events in the housing societies.


Intercom system in every flat, though a little costly affair, but is a solid step towards personal safety. Members can refuse opening door if they are not satisfied with the identity of the visitor. Sometimes a misdeeder may succeed in fooling security guards or even security cameras. Intercom is the last and final and definitely the most secured filter.

Visitor Management software:

Technology have indeed made life more structured and management processes simplified. You may opt for a robust visitor management software that does multiple function for a society. It not only keep a tab on the entering and exiting visitors, cars, and bikes but also note that timing within the compound, allows instant check with the visiting unit, it also keep a tab on the security guards appointed, their background check, etc.

Tell us in the comment, how you maintain security in your housing society. Lets learn from each other and help maintaining a secured world.

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