It’s celebration time!

Well yes, you read it right!

With the grand success of CHSONE, here came the celebration time at Furturescape Technologies, the creator of CHSONE. We have been chosen to feature in CIO Review Magazine as one of the “20 Most Promising Real Estate Technology Solution Providers” of 2018.

CHSONE very efficiently covers the bases of three main reasons for choosing a technology solution, i.e. hassle-free management, smooth operation and saving time. Not only the direct solo clients, even agents can improve their efficiency and expand client base by employing CHSONE which helps them to build their prospects database and get a real time status update of the properties.

“At Futurescape Technologies, our core value is data security. We have always believed that data security is utmost important for any enterprise entity and therefore our applications are programmed in protecting enterprise data and information to the highest level. So coming to our positioning, we would like to say that we aim to provide ‘secured technological solutions’ for the management processes.” (As told to the magazine by our spokesperson on the question of our positioning in the market)

CHSONE has been programmed to protects the data and information of an enterprise with three layer of privacy control. We host each subscribing complexes in private independent databases therefore guaranteeing three-level protection.

Layer 1 – Each complex is isolated from others
Layer 2 — Privacy protection at complex level
Layer 3 — Each member gets his/her own privacy control

CHSONE is available to the administrators/Estate Managers in web interface as well as on Mobile Apps. Members / Tenants / Occupants can access and operate the application conveniently from their mobile devices through iOS and Android Apps.

If you too are reeling under the herculean task of society management, think no more. Rely on the best housing society management software and ease your breath.

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