Information transparency and society members right

Well, we all know that every member of society has equal responsibility towards it. But it is just one side of the story. Another side assures that along with responsibility, every member of the society also has an equal right to know every data and details related to society management.

Generally, in every society there is an elected or appointed management body who takes care of the day to day affairs of the society and handles the administration. This body handles and secures the documents and details related to the management, development, administration of the society. However, it is not right to think that they are the sole owner of those documents. These documents belong to every unit owners of the society and upon requirement and providing necessary proofs, any society member can procure them.

However, it is sometimes noticed that the management committee of a housing society refuses to provide the details to the members. So what action can a society member take in this situation? Simple it is. Lodge a complaint. But to whom and how? Well, read on.

Seeking information and documents of your housing society falls under the MCS (Maharashtra Co-operative Societies) Act. Firstly, you need to know how to approach and ask for the documents. As per the 32(2) clause of MCS Act, a member can seek document by writing an application to the Chairman or Secretary of Housing Society Management Committee and agree to pay the charges of 5 INR per page as laid in the bye-laws. Also one needs to endorse a copy of an application to the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies in the respective ward. In such a condition, the management office is liable to provide the required information and/or documents within 30 days.

However, if they refuse to do so, it results in breaking of the rules and laws. And under such condition, a member can lodge a complaint and appeal to the Deputy Registrar to impose penalties and punishment on the managing committee as per the applicable sections of MCS Act. In this condition, the members of the managing committee are “jointly and severally responsible for acts and omissions detrimental to the interests of the society”.

Therefore, managing a society and maintaining transparency is not an easy task to shoulder as you can see. However, you can rely on a reliable and good housing society management software to make your task smooth and easy.

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