Renting your property? Know about Rent Control Act!

Renting a property and all related activities fall under the scope of Rent Control Act of the respective states. Rent Control Act has been devised with the sole purpose of streamlining the process and settling the disputes related to rent and lease.

So what are the clause of the act impose and intend:

1. It imposes laws and regulations of renting to help out tenant identify and settle for good and lawful rental arrangement.

2. It imposes standard and fair rental charging regulations to prevent extortion and deceit.

3. It intends to protect tenant from any discrimination and unlawful evictions.

4. It defines obligations of renter/landlord towards the tenants.

5. It defines the rights of landlords in dealing with tenants who are not following set regulations like non-payment of rent or partial payment of rent and common cohabitation rules like misusing property, misbehaving with neighbours etc.

So how to bring your renting arrangement under Rent Control Act? The answer is simply by registering your rent agreement. Many a times, tenant or landlord or both parties rule out the need of registering the rent agreement as it involves amount that is some higher than informal notary in stamp paper, but what they don’t understand that it’s much much cheaper when compared to probable unfortunate legal hassles in future. Rent agreement acts in advantage for both the parties. For tenants, it safeguard them from sudden, unlawful eviction, extortion for the supply of basic life amenities water supply. For landlord, it protects their legal property ownership and help them recover possession in any case of any mishap.

However, there are certain rental arrangements that doesn’t come under the scope of Rent Control Act. When a premises is let or sublet to banks, public sector or corporation establishments of any state, multinational companies, international agencies, they doesn’t come under RCA. Also if a premises is let to private limited and public limited companies that have a paid up share capital of Rs one crore or more, they doesn’t come under RCA.

Hope you find the article helpful! See You soon!

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