Retirement Homes- A new concept of community living

“Old age homes”, the very words bark out extreme selfishness and rather inhumanity. Forcing senior family members to stay in faraway place, away from family is indeed a cruel concept and sounds every bit bitter. However, when the word “old age” changes to “retirement” it becomes very independent and wise move. Yes, Retirement home is an emerging concept in modern India.

With the rising economy and urbanization, it is often not possible these days to own and maintain a large family home, and therefore nuclear family is on rising. Also senior citizens these days have changed a lot in their thought-process. Even they believe in not relying and falling back on kids after retirement, but maintain their independence and financial stability. Both in collaboration had led to acceptance of the western concept of retirement homes.

So what are these retirement homes? Retirement homes stills means community of retired senior citizens of the population but sans the inconveniences of regular old-age home in fact upgraded in far far better way. Unlike regular old-age homes that provides the bare minimum health facilities and basic amenities for survival, retirement home focuses on active and healthy assisted living. It is more like holiday homes where retired people owns individual fully-equipped homes and lived in the gated community. Community is equipped with all the amenities of a active and upgraded living, like parks, food delivery services and premium medical facilities. To make assisted living true to its very sense, these community homes are provided with emergency call button, one-touch intercom and round the clock medical and emergency staffs.

Therefore retirement is no more a pathetic phase of life. It is rather a beginning of new carefree and healthy living. However, managing such a society with elderly people may not be an easy task for the administration and management. And to assist them in giving a peaceful and relaxing life to these elderlies, CHSONE is always there. A premium housing society management software, CHSONE makes management of a society, a cakewalk.

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