3 Premium features for members convenience

Receiving maintenance bill, payment, getting notices are some of the very common features that a housing society software offers for the members of the society. However, at CHSONE we have decided to offer some extra features to the members for their top-notch convenience. Let’s check out:

1. Personal Document Storage – Property documents are such that are not required every now and then unlike other document like identity proof and medical insurances. And therefore, it is often we face that we kept it in some secured place and completely forgot. With personal document storage feature, member can now store softcopy of the documents in the application itself. This way, they always remain handy in case of emergency and also accessible from anywhere, in or out of the house.

2. Visitor’s Record – Though keeping visitor record is nothing new in the housing societies, but most of the time they are kept in pen and paper, which have its own shortcomings of wear and tear. At CHSONE, visitors’ record are kept online and for more convenience to the members, they are made accessible for the authorised members with proper login id and password.

3. Internal Social media platform – CHSONE doubles up as an internal and personal social media platform for the society. These way it increases the interaction among the members resulting in a good and positive cohabitation. Also members can share their moments and messages among themselves without letting the whole world to know about it.

Let us know what are the other convenience we can add to CHSONE to make it more member friendly society management software.

See you soon!

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