Vendor Management Simplified!

If you are a housing society administrator, you will agree with me that choosing and managing vendors is one of the crucial and headaching tasks. Out of everything, the main irritating thing is when you finally chose one from many after lots of considerations and scrutiny, someone from the members will always be there to tell that the choice is not well-made. And that kind of drain down all the effort and enthusiasm.

Well, with CHSONE, we have wholeheartedly tried to simplify the whole process of vendor management. Check out how:

1. Find and reach to them all at once – At CHSONE, you can register all the vendors. With this all the information and contact details of every vendor will be kept in one place and comes handy. Not only that when you post a requirement or maintenance task of your society in CHSONE, all the vendors will receive them simultaneously.

2. Receive tenders in one single platform – The vendors upon receiving your requirement can put forth their tenders in CHSONE itself, making it easier for you to see, compare and scrutiny.

3. Conduct poll for decision making – Another important task that you can do with CHSONE in terms of Vendor management is conduct a poll for majority opinion before finalizing on one vendor. The members will be easily and conveniently put forth their decision and also know that you have not made the decision all by yourself, but the decision has been taken by majority votes, which will lessen any grievances.

4. Receive bills and make payments – After the decision is made and vendor starts working, another crucial task is receiving vendor bills and see that the payments are made accordingly and aptly. Vendors registered will CHSONE can raise their bills in the software itself. That will help you to organize them and also see that payment is done properly in amount and time.

We will be back with some other interesting aspects of CHSONE soon. Till then, stay tension-free, stay well.

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