5 Simple tips to combat water scarcity in housing societies

Summer is approaching in steady stride. Increasing temperature each day is reminding us of rearranging our daily routine and lifestyle to suit and pull through these hot and humid days. Among many other discomforts that we are bracing ourselves to fight through, one of the major concern will be water scarcity.

These days housing societies are really thoughtful enough on this issue and many of such societies in metropolitan and other big cities take sufficient precautions to combat the issue. Rainwater harvesting and installation of water meters are quite a common feature in modern day societies. In spite of these measures, there are some very basic and simple measures that each housing unit can take care of easily contributing their part in water conservation for the society.

The complex/society administrator can take a print out and fix them in places at the society to make the members aware of water scarcity that may happen and tell them how they can contribute their part in water conservation.

  1. Always use full load for washing machine or dishwasher. Several small loads, even in low water setting, consume enough water to surpass the amount used in one single full load wash. So please wait for your devices to get to its full capacity before running.
  2. Installing water efficient accessories helps a lot is preventing unnecessary water usage. The shower-head for kitchen taps, water-efficient fittings in basin and bathroom taps regulates the excess unnecessary water flow at a time without hampering usability.
  3. Keep regular check on damaged and dripping water pipes and taps. Fix any such damage within the earliest possible time frame to ensure precious water is not wasted by utter negligence.
  4. During hot days, water in the exposed pipes get heated. While taking water from tap, we often let go the initial hot pipe water and wait for the cool water to arrive. Now just imagine, if this is practiced by each member in each unit in a society of say 100 units, how many litres of water we end up wasting each day? To combat this problem, always place a jug of tap water in the fridge. While going for taking bath, use this chilled water to neutralise the hot pipe water instead of letting it flow off.
  5. Use watering can to water the plants in place of hose pipes. Watering cans ensures equal distribution of water and covers large area at a time with comparatively lesser amount of water.

Do you have any others tips to prevent water wastage in the housing societies? Share with us in the comment section below.

Take good care of your society and happy living!


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