CHSONE and Accountants!

Does the title sound a little odd? Well, actually in this post, I would attempt to clarify some of the queries that we often face with regards to how CHSONE can be useful for Accountants or how an accountant appointed by society can work on the application?


An accountant generally works on Tally, so if a society adopt CHSONE as their managing software which comes in-built with a full-fledged accounting module, how the accountant working with Tally can work on it?

Well, CHSONE is an ERP software. You can export your file from the Tally and import the same in CHSONE and continue with the accounting process. However, CHSONE already possesses all the features of Tally, so while using CHSONE, one need not use Tally at all. Our support team can help the society accountant migrate to CHSONE.


Does an Accountant need to subscribe for CHSONE as well in case his/her client society is using the software for their society management?

Absolutely not. There is absolutely no need for any double installation for a single society. Our software allows creating multiple logins based on role-based access rights. Admin can simply create a login credential for the accountant with required rights and share with the accountant. Using the same, the accountant can login to the society’s admin portal and make necessary changes if required and proceed with finalization of accounts.


I hope that eliminated some of the clouds that surround the role and access of an accountant into CHSONE. In case, you have any further queries, you can absolutely jot them down in the comment section below and our expert will come up with answers, or you can directly contact our support team or request for a demonstration which is absolutely free.

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