Features to look for before investing in luxury properties

Thinking of investing in or buying to live in a luxurious residential project? Apart from other fancy amenities make sure that you look for these essential features of the property before putting in your hard earned money.

  1. Gated Compound with proper security: Before anything, security is a must-check. If the project is not ensured with proper security, say well-built walls, proper gates, and gate monitoring system, the project cannot or must not qualify as luxurious in the first place. Whatever, you must do a thorough check of the security system of the project before deciding your buy.
  2. Safe water supply: Though we all use a water filter at home nowadays, yet society must ensure safe and clean water resource as our home filters are not fortified enough to clean out a lot of toxins which in long runs can lead to health hazard beyond imagination.
  3. Rainwater harvesting: Caring for the environment means peace of mind and blessing from mother nature. I am sure, everyone wants to do their bit for nature, but exactly what to do exactly is often vague. Start with this. Only opt for projects that give rainwater harvesting system.
  4. Natural Calamity resistance: The way we treat nature, we should be well-ready to face its wrath, isn’t it? Check, inquire your builder about the resistance against natural calamities like earthquake, flood or lightning. Prevention is the only option we have here, so do not ignore.
  5. Community house and outdoor play area: Clubhouse with entertainment and fitness segments along with outdoor play area for kids and jogging track are some of the basic amenities a project should feature if it calls itself luxurious. It is important to have options to maintain health and unwind as life these days are no less than a pressure cooker. Home should be a place to release yourself and get rejuvenated.


Let us know in the comment section below what are the features you aspire to have in your dream home project. We will be back with another post. Stay happy, stay stress-free!

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