Right and Responsibilities of Buyer as per RERA

We have already discussed about RERA, its impact on real estate industry and its relationship with housing societies. In case you have missed them, you can catch them up here and here.


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In today’s post we will discuss about what are the rights and duties of the buyers that RERA has vested. Understanding the same is important as it will give clarity to the buyers about their own responsibility and clear grounds in case they want to raise a complaint with RERA.

So, who is considered as an allottee (buyer) of a unit/plot as per RERA?

Section 2(d) of RERA Act states that a person who has acquired the unit/plot through sale deed or transfer is regarded as an allottee. A person who has taken the unit/plot on rent is NOT regarded as an allottee as per the act.

The allottees or buyers are vested with certain rights as well as responsibilities as documented under Section 19 of RERA Act.


An Allottee can-

  1. Seek information related to sanctioned plans, layouts plans, approvals from the competent authorities.
  2. Seek information on the progress towards completion and provision of basic amenities like water, electricity, sanitation.
  3. Demand possession of the unit allotted to him/her. The possession of the common areas are demanded by the association of allottees.
  4. Demand refund or compensation in case builder makes any breach of clause as per RERA.
  5. Demand access to or copies of necessary documents related to physical handover of unit and common areas.


An allottee is responsible for-

  1. Making payments in proper amount, time and place as mentioned in the sales agreement.
  2. Sharing the other mandatory charges like registration, municipality, water, electricity, etc.
  3. Paying interest in case of any delayed payment as agreed upon with the developer.
  4. Participating in formation of the association.
  5. Taking physical possession of the unit within two months of receiving Occupation Certificate.
  6. Participating in registration of the conveyance deed of property.


We will be back soon with other topic related to RERA. Stay tight with the space.


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