Drastic effect of IoT on World Technologies

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Today we are gonna discuss on a relatively newer topic called IoT or Internet of Things.Why newer? It has been there in world scenario for at least 5 years now?Well, because it started seeping into the Indian market in recent years.

So what is IOT?

While researching on the term, I have came across several definitions and technical explanations and honestly couldn’t fathom much. Then I started understanding the same in a non-technical way or rather layman’s way by trying to attach it importance to regular object and kind of understood a bit. Note that it is indeed a huge area of study. However, we will understand only that much that we will require.

So IoT for me is things connected with internet and thereby boosting its utility. Let me explain a little further. Say a first generation mobile phone. We were able to connect other people (number) via them using voice calls and text messages. So its utility ended there. Then we mankind decided to use it more than that and attached internet to it. Now its utility boosted to a magnanimous level and the same kind of device now serves as camera, textbook reader, remote for television, and what not in addition to its basic utility of making calls and send messages. In fact even for those two basic job we have several options to choose from. All these have been made possible by attaching internet to the mobile phone and now it has become smartphone.

Similarly now it has been made possible to attach internet in regular household appliances and make it ‘smart’. Smart TV, Smart Fridge, Smart Watch, etc. Similarly, now it is possible to smartify the security system of home as well and make it more robust through security system software 

Smart home security is a compact module having security cameras, mobile app, automated locks and monitoring and alerting system making the entire job more smart, easy and most importantly robust. Soon we can expect a more safer home and all thank to technology. Technology has come a long way helping us manage not only home but also manage the entire society, manage not only things but also people.

We will discuss more on how IoT can help us making our home safer in coming posts.Till then stay tight to the space.


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