Rights and Duties of a Tenant in a Housing Society

Major cities in India witness huge influx every year. People from smaller cities move up to metros and big cities for job and living. Each passing day, number is only getting bigger. Practically, in the present scenario, housing societies are no more fancy concept over own land and house, but kind of dire necessities for accommodating these big human flood. Therefore, tenancy contribute to one of the major income sources of the big cities.

So when we came to the point of tenancy and housing societies, it is most of the time unclear and vague about what are the rights a tenant have when they take rent in a housing society and also what are the duties they are expected to fulfil.

In this article we will discuss about the rights and duties of the tenant in a housing society.


Rights of a Tenant:

  • Tenants are considered the associate member of the unit for housing society.
  • Tenant have right to  get a copy of rent and lease agreement.
  • Tenants can claim copy of bye-laws from the society office.
  • Tenants have right to use common area and facilities.
  • Tenants can have pet subject to following of rules and regulations.
  • Tenants have right to receive proper bill and receipt of rent paid.
  • Tenants have right to parking within the society area and have badge or sticker.
  • Tenants does not have right to vote in any decision making of the association. However they can attend the general meetings on behalf of and with landlord’s permission.


Duties of a Tenant:

  • Tenants need to abide by the bye-laws of the association just like any other resident.
  • The rules and regulations of the society are equally applicable of the tenants just like any other resident.
  • Tenants are liable to pay for any chargeable amenities.

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