4 Tips to encourage society members for meetings

Society members are always eager when it comes to raising issues, but when called in for a meeting, many tends to chicken out. Did the scenario sounded familiar to you? Is encouraging people for society meetings always seems a tough task? Here are four tips how you can try encouraging your society members for attending meetings.

  1. Inform agendas in advance – Chalk out the agendas that are to be discussed in the meeting well in advance and give a snippet of the same to the society members. Knowing in advance about the agendas will give the members a fair idea about time they require to book in and plan the day. When members can schedule their day, there are high chance of attendance. Also knowing about the agendas beforehand gives them chance to prepare their take and give them an authority over the issues.
  2. Accommodate and allow maximum people to speak – Housing society meetings generally have large number of participants, and accommodating everyone for speaking can be an issue, yet try and manage maximum number of members to put in their opinion. You may cut short the agendas to allow maximum time to lesser number of issues to be addressed. This will encourage people to join in for the next meetings as it will show that everyone’s opinion matters for the administration.
  3. Make meetings look like social get-together – Try and make housing society meetings a fun event. Create an aura of get-together rather than formal, serious meetings. Arrange for some refreshments and take the event in a casual manner such that people gets a feel-good and fun factor.
  4. Give repeated reminder – Fixing and arranging the meeting is not the end of the task. Take proper care to intimate the information to each and every society member. See that you have posted or given out notices in proper time and through proper channels such that everyone gets access to the information easily and conveniently. Also as the day of the event approaches, see that you send reminder at proper time.

Do you have any other tips to encourage members for the society meetings? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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