3 Common issues with facility management in housing societies

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Today we will discuss about the three main issues that are faced by the housing societies while managing the facilities provided.

1. Unauthorized usage – This is by far the biggest and most problematic issue to handle. Unauthorized access to the amenities not only lead to the changes of misuse, but also increase the security issue to a large extent. Therefore checking unauthorized access and usage is the first and foremost concern for the housing society administrators.

  • Installing security cameras at the strategic locations, introducing biometric based access management system, and dedicated security team can help in managing the issue.

2. Overlapped booking – This is again another common issue when it comes to the booking of community hall or other bookable amenities. Due to lack of proper channelized information system, often bookings of same dates are allotted to two or even more parties.  This lead to confusion, inconvenience and precisely a total mess at the last moment for all th e parties concerned and also for the housing society administrator.

  • Using a centralized software system with channelized information system is by the easiest way to tackle this issue.

3. Vendor management – Though vendor management can be a separate issue altogether, yet it can’t be put much aside from facility management. When there is facility, there is need of maintenance and supply and there comes the part of vendor. Going through multiple tenders, comparing and finalizing manually can be taxing and can also in some case lead way to wrong decision.

  • Using a software system that has inbuilt vendor management module ease out the task like anything. Receive tender, compare, finalize, monitor, make payment, everything is done smoothly without any headache.

What kind of issues do you face while managing facilities in your society? And how do you tackle them? Do let us know in the comment section below and learn from each other!

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