CHSONE and Accountants!

Does the title sound a little odd? Well, actually in this post, I would attempt to clarify some of the queries that we often face with regards to how CHSONE can be useful for Accountants or how an accountant appointed by society can work on the application?   An accountant generally works on Tally, so… Continue Reading →

E-Collection – Unique Feature with CHSONE

Futurescape Technology is the first ERP company in Maharashtra that has ventured into a solution for co-operative housing societies. CHSONE is our star product offering all-round solutions for the management of the housing societies.  And we boast of several unique features to make housing society management process easy to easier. Today we will discuss one… Continue Reading →

RERA And Housing Societies

In our last blog, we have discussed RERA and how it is impacting the real estate world. If you have missed it and want to go through, you can check here. In this post, we will talk about RERA and its relationship with the housing societies. As we have already seen, RERA is the regulatory… Continue Reading →

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