Chairman of a Cooperative Housing Society- Role and Responsibilities

According to the rule stated in the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, every registered housing society need to elect a Chairman to head the Management Committee of the society. Let’s take a look at the role and the responsibilities that this position needs to perform.


Chairman heads and leads the management committee of a co-operative housing society. Chairman is also called President and the position is one and the same. As per the rule of the MCS Act, the position of Chairman cannot be left vacant ever.


Needless to say, the Chairman enjoys certain powers being the head of the society.

  1. Chairman enjoys the final decisive power. No decision can be taken or finalized without his consent.
  2. Chairman is one of the Signatories for the bank operations of the society.
  3. Chairman is entitled to preside over all the major meetings of the society like the Annual General Meeting.
  4. Chairman is entitled to 2 votes, one is as a member of the society and another is decisive vote to take a final call.


There is no powers without responsibilities. The two comes hand in hand and truly said born out of each other. Chairman needs to shoulder an array of responsibilities being the head of the society.

  1. Chairman is responsible for the overall supervision of the society.
  2. Chairman is responsible for keeping a tab on the smooth and hassle-free functioning of the society.
  3. In case of any mishappenings or miscreants, Chairman is the one answerable to the entire society and take up every responsibility born out of that.
  4. Chairman need to ensure that all records of the society are maintained and updated properly.
  5. Chairman need to ensure that the audit of the accounts of the society is done on time each year.
  6. Chairman needs to ensure that the Annual General Meeting of the society is held every year on or before the mentioned date of 14th August.
  7. Chairman is responsible for holding a monthly meeting in the Management Committee.
  8. Chairman has to arrange for welfare and social get together activities time to time in the society.
  9. Chairman needs to take up any other responsibility (other than his) lying with the Management committee in time of emergency.


While Chairman is largely responsible for the welfare of a cooperative housing society, however holistic goodness comes when each and everyone performs their basic responsibility towards the society.

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