Specially curated features to manage and automate parking lots, both private and public!
Parking Allotment

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This features helps planning and executing parking allotments from the comfort of your seat.

Vehicle Tracking

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Automated process captures the details of every vehicle entered, its entry and exit timing and parking fee (if applicable).

Parking Monitoring

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Helps estimating available parking spaces by automated monitoring of entry and exit of vehicles and thereby planning allowance of further vehicle into the lot.

Pay and Park facility

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Payment system integrated with the application calculates payment fee on set parameters and allows record and track collection.

How it Works

Few simple and easy steps to get started!
  • 1

    Create Account

    Create your account with CHSONE by clicking the Register button at the top right corner.

  • 2

    Register your Parking Lot

    Register your Complex / Building / Parking Lot with CHSONE to create your Parking Lot’s account by providing the required details.

  • 3


    CHSONE team will verify your request and create your Parking Lot’s account. You will be sent intimation.

  • 4

    Setup Parking Lot

    Once your Parking Lot’s account is created and you are intimated, proceed with setting up your parking lot in CHSONE portal and automate your parking lot (both sensorless and sensor-based).


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