About Company


CHSONE is a booming product from the house of Futurescape Technologies. Ever since its inception in 2010, Futurescape has been envisaging and executing solutions for the management processes to structure businesses, simplify life and secure living. We believe in growing together with our clients. Understanding our clients’ glitch areas and attempting to smoothen them further are what provide us with our required momentum as a business.

As a company, we do follow some ethics such that we follow a righteous path while serving our customers. We do not indulge in Data Trading. We understand the importance with which we are entrusted with such a huge amount of data by our clients. We will never indulge into any dealing that requires compromising with the informations and hence your trust. We are absolutely against any hidden revenue generation with our client data.
With CHSONE, we have envisioned to make community living a most preferred way of living. Seeing the problems with contributed living, general meetings becoming war zone and neighbors turning foe, we decided to seek technology for rescue and attempt simplifying community living.



Our mission is to offer a platform that takes care of your need as an occupant in a community. From your tasks in the housing community to requirements from your neighborhood, you need not swap an app to get your things done. We are aspiring to bring about 10 million people into the space of digitized community living.

Securing your privacy is our responsibility!

We sincerely believe that safekeeping our database and securing our customer informations is our prime and uncompromised responsibility. And therefore, we strictly follow our three level security protection system for our applications

Layer 1 – Each complex database is isolated from others.
Layer 2 - Privacy protection at complex level.
Layer 3 - Each member gets individual privacy control.

Also we pledge to never ever trade with our customer data. Our customer’s trust anyday is more precious to us than few unauthorized bucks.