How it Works
How it works

1. Join CHSONE

To use CHSONE, the best community management software, visit the website and register with CHSONE by filling up a form providing details of the Society and the Administrator. Upon submission, you will receive a mail confirming your registration and request under verification.

2. Complex / Society Account Verification

You will receive a verification call from the CHSONE support team within 1 working day to verify the provided credentials. Upon authentication, your community account will be activated. You will receive a mail confirming the activation of your society and provided with login id and password of your account with CHSONE society management software.
How it works
How it works

3. Login To Admin Account

Login to your society office admin account by clicking Login button at the homepage and inputting the provided username and password.

4. Complex Setup

Upon Logging in, you will get an wizard to create or set up your complex, add allottee and set up billing rules in the CHSONE society management software. Set up your complex by adding buildings, units and members. Once created your CHSONE account is ready to use.
How it works
How it works

1. Join CHSONE

You can join CHSONE by either of the following two ways-
a) You receive a invite from the society office.
b) Search your complex in CHSONE website, select and click Join.

2. Fill member registration form

In both cases, you have to fill-up a form providing your details and submit to CHSONE. Incase, you are following option (b), your request will be subjected to the approval from the society admin.
How it works
How it works

3. Approval from Society Administrator

Once your society admin approves your joining request, you will receive a mail confirming the approval and permit to join CHSONE society management software of your community.

4. Login To Society Account

Upon approval from the society admin, login to your society or community account by clicking Login button in the homepage or Download CHSONE mobile app from Play Store or App Store.
How it works
How it works

5. View Your Society Account

Logging in will take you into your society account where you can explore various features.
Your CHSONE community management software empowers you to -
1. Pay maintenance bills
2. Communicate withing your society
3. Raise issue and track status
4. Book common facilities on-line
5. Track Visitors
6. Access your society contact directory
7. Discuss on issue and problem