About us

CHSONE is a star product from the house of Futurescape Technologies. Created with the vision to relieve you from the tedious manual tasks of society/community management, CHSONE automates, digitizes and streamlines the management processes of the society/complex.

CHSONE community management software has been devised with a broader perspective to facilitate a digital platform where the society offices can manage their works with ease and convenience while the members can come forth with their suggestions and queries while each member stay abreast with developments and issues happening within the community.

Therefore, if generating bills and collection a monthly tension for you?
If society notices and messages not reaching the members properly?
If bookkeeping and accounting of your society funds giving you sleepless nights?
If you are messed up with jumbled facility bookings and vendor issues?
If you are breaking your head over complaints and responses?
We are here with your solution! CHSONE, a community management software, that makes tasks easier for you.

Futurescape Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since its inception has been a forerunner in providing IT solutions and support to small and mid-sized organizations in seamlessly integrating technology into their business. Increasing efficiency, optimum resource utilization has been the core of our operations. Our users friendly IT solutions have been helping the SME’s accelerate their growth chart with no technical expertise required.

Your security and Privacy is important to us!

We take utmost care of the security and privacy of your society and to ensure the same we host each subscribing complexes in private independent databases therefore guaranteeing three-level protection.

Layer 1 – Each complex is isolated from others
Layer 2 - Privacy protection at complex level
Layer 3 - Each member gets privacy control

Have your own community website!

CHSONE allows you create your own society/community website as complimentary with the software. Now, leave a mark of your community in worldwide web.

Extensive Video Tutorials and Wiki page support to guide you through the use of CHSONE anywhere, anytime.